By A.C. Crispin

Here's the second one novel within the blockbuster new trilogy that unearths the never-before-told tale of the younger Han Solo.  Set prior to the superstar Wars(r) motion picture adventures, those books chronicle the coming-of-age of the galaxy's most renowned con guy, smuggler and thief.

Solo is now a fugitive from the Imperial Navy.  But he has made a helpful pal in a former Wookiee slave named Chewbacca, who has sworn Han a  life debt.  Han will desire the entire aid he can get.  For the Ylesian Hutts have dispatched the feared bounty hunter Boba Fett to trace down the fellow who already outsmarted them once.  But Han and Chewie locate themselves in even larger difficulty after they conform to lend their companies to the crime lords Jiliac and Jabba the Hutt.  Suddenly the 2 smugglers are thrust into the center of a conflict among the could of the Empire and the treachery in their outlaw allies...a conflict the place even victory ability loss of life!

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Peering into the dimness, Han can make out suffering figures, pay attention the sounds of a scuffle, then a slap. “C’mere, you tramp! ” the fellow acknowledged. the lady swore, then Han heard the meaty sound of a punch. the guy yowled, then lunged at her. As he raced towards the again, Han observed the man’s toes go away the ground. the girl tossed him, utilizing a single-shoulder throw that used to be observed via a popping sound. the guy shrieked, a quick, bitten-off scream, then thumped to the ground and lay there, sniveling and whimpering. whilst he reached the again of the dimly lit bar, Han stumbled on a brief, spindly smuggler and thug-for-hire he knew in simple terms as “Jump” moaning and writhing on the toes of a tall lady. As Jump’s blood brother (who had correctly now not joined the fracas) helped the thug sit up straight, Han may possibly see that his arm hung at a strange attitude, evidently dislocated. the lady stood over them, hand at the grip of her undrawn blaster, eyes narrowed, no longer even respiring not easy. As Han approached, she grew to become on him. “Mind your individual enterprise, guy! ” Han took a step again earlier than her flashing amber eyes. She used to be as tall as he was once, with dermis the colour of Lando’s, and a wild frizz of black curls status out from her head like a brelet’s mane. She regarded harder than neutronium, and mad transparent via. The Corellian swiftly submit either palms in a gesture of peace. “Hey, I’m now not one to intervene. seems to me just like the situation’s been dealt with. ” “I can look after myself,” she snapped, striding previous him on her manner towards front front. Her boot heels clicked at the scarred ground. She wore a protracted, tan-colored skirt, a brown silk shirt, and a part carapace of black armor, festooned with metal studs. Her blaster rode her hip, and Han may inform by means of its worn grip that she knew precisely what to do with it. Intrigued, he jogged as much as front of the Blue mild, then, cautious to not stand among her and front door, Han gestured to some of empty bar stools. “So … should you rush off? Can’t i purchase you a drink? ” he requested. She studied him for an extended second, her anger fading. within the again, Jump’s whimpers light because the thug was once led out the again approach via his associates. “Maybe,” she stated. protruding a gauntleted hand, she stated, “Salla Zend. ” “Han Solo. ” They shook, then Han threw a leg over the closest bar stool. “What are you consuming? ” Salla sat down, too. “Mad Mrelf, immediately up. ” “Right,” stated Han, rigorously now not exhibiting any response to the robust liquor. He wouldn’t have under the influence of alcohol Mad Mrelf on a bet—tales abounded of spacers who had long gone on a Mad Mrelf spree, and wound up in Imp exertions camps—or worse. They talked, and Han came across that Salla used to be additionally a smuggler, newly come to Nar Shaddaa. “I’ve received a ship,” she acknowledged. “The Rimrunner. however it wishes a few paintings. I’ve acquired a few alterations I’d prefer to make. ” “Hey,” Han acknowledged, “do i do know a spot for you. My ship’s getting a few paintings performed, too. The guy’s a true wizard. identify of Shug Ninx. ” “I’m an outstanding mechanic myself,” Salla acknowledged. “I’d wish to meet your buddy. ” “I’m going again to paintings at the Bria the following day morning,” Han stated.

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