In the twenty fifth century, below the management of the League of Peoples, warfare and crime are a specific thing of the prior and existence is held sacred. that's, so long as you are fit and gorgeous. yet people who are deformed, wrong or misfit whatsoever are destined - or is "doomed" a greater be aware? - to turn into Explorers, crews assigned to probe worlds so adversarial, the possibilities of returning are someplace among slender and none.

A certified member of the expendable Explorer Corps because of her untreated facial blemish, Youn Suu units out on a regular suicidal challenge. with her accomplice, Tut, Youn is tasked with investigating a surprising infestation of the Balrog--a sentient crimson moss that could shape parasitic, symbiotic dating with its host--on the house international of the Cashlings.

The project takes a flip for the more serious whilst Suu is contaminated with the Balrog. yet ahead of all is misplaced, Suu and Tut are rescued from the planet through mythical Expendable Admiral Festina Ramos. Aboard an Outward Fleet starship, they locate that the Balrog is much extra clever and sinister than they ever may have imagined. it is just then that the scope and probability of this nightmare is really revealed. 

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