By S.L. Viehl

Cherijo and her husband have chanced on protection aboard the big name vessel Sunlace. yet they've got offers to keep-promises that might endanger every little thing she ever fought for-including her solemn oath to guard lifestyles.

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Having to attend for one more gyrlift hadn’t better my temper. The resident, however, acted very stunned to determine me. “Healer Cherijo. ” He stepped apart and indicated I should still input. I did, and waited for the door panel to shut prior to I attacked. “Why are you following me? ” He went over to the meals prep unit. “Would you take care of tea? i've got programmed a few Terran blends. ” “I’d like a solution. Now. ” “Of path. only a second. ” Qonja prepped a unmarried server, then came visiting to take a seat in entrance of me. Very common, as though he stalked humans on a daily basis. “I am attracted to group habit. ” Ice chips wouldn’t have melted in his mouth. “But you’re now not following them round. ” “You are a prepossessing topic. ” He took a knowledge pad from the desk among us. “I were looking at and recording your interactions for it slow. it's so much engrossing. ” I questioned how engrossing he’d locate having a server dumped over his head. “Really. ” “Your parenting equipment, for instance. ” He switched the pad to “display,” and grew to become it to teach me. Jorenian pictographs crowded the small display. “Your method is kind of distinctive. ” “You’re documenting all this? ” I swiped the pad and checked the dossier. He had pages of notes. “Why? ” “As i've got said”—he unfold his arms out—“I locate you completely riveting. ” both he used to be joking, which wasn’t humorous, or he was once severe, which was once worse. I pressed a key, erased the total pad, then tossed it again to him. “Don’t ever do that back. ” “I suggest no damage to you, ClanCousin. ” I went to the door panel. “You’re right here to review medication, resident, now not me. Is that transparent? ” “As you need. ” He got here after me. “May I make one request? ” “No. ” Out I went. As Marel used to be nonetheless in class, I opted to alter out of my sweat-stained tunic sooner than I talked to the opposite challenge baby at the send. i discovered Dhreen in relevant release bay, operating underneath one of many shuttles. Kneeling through his ft was once Ilona crimson Faun, the Navajo lady who had as soon as been my clone-brother’s lover. “Is he making you hand him the instruments? ” appealing darkish eyes that were adoringly mounted on Dhreen’s outsized toes flashed towards me, and packed with female suspicion. “No, patcher. I provided to assist. ” We weren’t buddies, Ilona and I—more like uneasy allies. After Jericho had approximately overwhelmed her to demise for betraying his underground to the League, I’d kept her existence and concealed her from my clone-brother. She and Dhreen had in this case turn into enthusiasts, yet I secretly doubted there has been any love on her part of the association. Ilona purple Faun have been raised to do no matter what it took to outlive, and obviously she concept that required belonging to a guy. Oh, knock it off, Cherijo, one in all my internal voices chided. such as you and Reever are position versions for regular relationships. “You’d higher watch him—he’ll make you're employed additional time. ” “I will keep in mind that. ” the sleek Indian lady rose to her ft. She’d traded her familiar two-piece Navajo biil clothing for a pilot’s flightsuit, and had looped her lengthy darkish braids right into a glowing, woven crown.

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