By Todd J. McCaffrey

Even even though Lorana cured the plague that was once killing the dragons of Pern, sacrificing her queen dragon within the procedure, the devastating illness has left too few dragons alive to struggle the autumn of lethal Thread. As morale at Telgar Weyr plunges within the wake of the common loss, and Weyrwoman Fiona and the harper Kindan fight to maintain wish from vanishing, a pregnant Lorana comes to a decision she needs to take drastic steps. not anything wanting manipulating time itself will undo the wear performed by means of the plague. yet making an attempt time trip may have devastating consequences—altering heritage, and future, perpetually. Now, in some way, Lorana needs to give you the chance to complete what turns out most unlikely: bending the ordinary legislation of the universe with no wreaking havoc on life itself. to make sure the way forward for Pern, she’s prepared to take the fateful chance—even if it calls for yet one more, some distance better, sacrifice.

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And Jeriz, you and that i have to speak. ” “I introduced them, Weyrwoman,” Jeriz cried excitedly as he leaped down from his perch on Tolarth’s neck. “I introduced them! ” “Who? ” Fiona requested, her smile wide according to his transparent exuberance. She glanced up and observed the 2 dealer figures above. “More strays? ” She moved ahead to assist the girl and baby climb down from Tolarth’s excessive shoulder. “Step the following, then there,” Fiona stated, guiding the small woman’s ft as she recommended. while the lady was once down, she grew to become, and at that second Fiona stuck sight of her eco-friendly eyes. Her smile light. “You has to be Jeriz’s mom. ” “Javissa, Weyrwoman,” the opposite responded, hand outstretched, although stuck off stability by means of Fiona’s coldness. Even Jeriz became his eyes towards her in shock. Fiona overlooked the proffered hand, relocating in the back of the lady to assist the lady down and scooting her ahead towards her mom whereas she helped Jeila dismount. “Where’d you discover the strays? ” she requested Jeila. The dainty gold rider gave Fiona a startled glance, shocked at her tone. “Jeriz requested a boon. ” “Weyrwoman,” Jeriz acknowledged, “this is my mom, Javissa, and my sister, Jirana. ” He paused and further, “Her identify is in honor of Lorana. ” “Lorana? ” Fiona repeated sharply, glancing at Javissa. “How are you aware Lorana? ” “My husband, Tenniz—” “He stated it will prove all right,” Fiona broke in accusingly. She grew to become her recognition to Jeriz. “And you! How dare you permit, in particular after Terin. ” Jeriz visibly wilted within the face of her anger, his eyes smoldered, and his head diminished. “I only—” “Enough! ” Fiona minimize throughout him, elevating a finger and pointing towards Terin’s quarters. “Go there, relieve Shaneese, and stick with her, irrespective of who comes or the place she is going. ” “Yes, Weyrwoman,” Jeriz lower back sullenly. He started out slowly, yet Fiona barked after him, “Run! ” Jeriz picked up his speed to a sluggish trot. “I’ll elect him,” Javissa stated, setting out after her son, sincerely shocked at her harsh reception. “I’m staying with her,” Jirana acknowledged, pointing at Fiona. Fiona grew to become to claim anything to the woman, however the darkish brown eyes met hers squarely. “You’re hurting,” Jirana declared, as she progressed and grabbed Fiona’s hand. Fiona blinked as soon as on the woman after which burst into tears. “Yes, definite i'm! ” Jeila took cost and bustled them over to Fiona’s quarters, shushing the distraught Weyrwoman. Jirana by no means left her facet, lightly protecting Fiona’s hand as if her contact gave the blond weyrwoman convenience and, so far as Jeila may perhaps see, it did. She bought the more youthful weyrwoman to sit down on her mattress, then, with a decisive sigh, she compelled Fiona out of her outfits and into her nightdress. “You want rest,” Jeila declared, stunned at herself. “You’ve been sporting this Weyr in your shoulders for too lengthy. ” She gave Fiona a measured glance and shook her head. “You might be taller than me, yet you’re no longer that tall. ” “I’ve acquired to. ” “You’ve obtained to relaxation, too, you know,” Jeila advised her softly. “You’ve received the infants to take care of. ” “I’ve obtained the single infants now,” Fiona stated, by surprise blubbering back.

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